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Let’s all go Down to the Farm at Jolly Tots Antrim

I’ve a idea ..instead of going to the farm lets bring the farm to us at Jolly Tots Antrim.

Let’s do it – the children in the Happy Hippos Room had great fun bringing the farming life into their room.
All the children enjoyed dressing up as farmers and heading out to the garden to do some work getting everything ready to plant their sunflowers that have been growing inside ready to plant.
The children really enjoyed their day singing some new songs they learned along the way.

Now how does that song go …’Old McDonald had a Farm”…what’s the next verse everyone ?

Always Plenty of Fun to be had at Jolly Tots Antrim

Well it’s been a busy few weeks in Jolly Tots with lots of fun activities going on from Easter egg hunts, messy sensory play, making buns, out on our bikes and much much more.
Always plenty of fun things to do even on the wet days at Jolly Tots Antrim !

Staff Team Building Day a Great Success at Jolly Tots Antrim

Team building within Jolly Tots is always a very positive way of building and encouraging staff morale. It’s a fantastic way of just being in a different environment and breaking a way from the norm and getting very physical is the way we like to do it.

Bonding is so important as it can create that sense of looking out for each other and helps to build trust amongst your team.So when Helen Canning Nursery Manager organises these events it allows her staff the opportunity to learn about each other and grow respect for each other in a non-threatening and fun environment.

This team building event took the Jolly Tots team to Allen park for some basic fitness instructed By Ryan Canning who is a Qualified Fitness instructor which then lead into a very competitive game of Netball with many many laughs.

Helen concluded:

We had a little award ceremony at the end with the winning team and player of the match. This was a fantastic night enjoyed by all who attended and very positive feed back from them. Everyone is now very keen for the next event.

I always maintain a happy staff team is a very productive work team. I want to thank all my girls who attended and glad they all had fun.”

Sometimes Pictures Say More than Words as Jolly Babies Have Fun

Sometimes pictures say more than words so here’s the proof. The children from Jolly Tots Antrim have fun taking a stroll around Antrim Castle Gardens and enjoy messy play in Jolly Babies.

Super Hero Training day in Jolly Tots Dizzy Ducks Pre School Room

It wasn’t just a typical day in our pre school room it was a Super Hero Training Camp.
The Pre school children all came dressed to impress their trainers ready for an action packed day.Their day started with many activities including :
*Super Snack for an Energy Boost
*An assault course set up to save our friend Bukola from a burning building
*Craft work making Super Hero Characters and Super Hero Capes
* A Super Hero Photo shoot and much much more ! All the children successfully qualified their training and were presented with their certificates.
A Big Super Hero well done to all our little Super Heroes.

Unusual Visitors Take Centre Stage as Zoolab Visits Jolly Tots Antrim in Time for Christmas

Zoolab has been established for over 20 years and is the UK’s number 1 animal handling experience company. So it was with a great sense of excitement that we learnt that Sarah Akarsu, Ranger from Zoolab  and her ‘animal team’ would be coming to visit Jolly Tots to bring the children and staff closer to nature, and stimulate an interest in science, nature and learning.

Sarah the Christmas Elf  came with her collection of small animal, reptiles and insects to show the children and what a surprise afternoon it turned out to be.

Sarah from Zoolab said it was a really rewarding job bringing her small friends to visit us all in Jolly Tots and she S gained the immediate interest of our children, exciting their curiosity.

The children were fantastic and very eager to handle and pet some of these strange and wonderful pets.
Think some of the children might even like to add one of these little critters to their Christmas list…sorry parents !





It was Fun, Fun, Fun at the Farm as Jolly Tots Antrim Pay a Visit

DSCF1366 SAM_1244

Streamvale Open Farm which opened to the public in December 1987 for families to enjoy and learn about the countryside and to experience the sights and smells of a real farmyard is a fabulous place to visit

With a full spectrum of farm animals – from chicks to dairy cows, baby bunnies to massive pigs and lots of fun thrown in as well the Jolly Tots Antrim children were bursting with anticipation when the chance to visit was on the horizon. The mini farmer areas give children lots of space to burn off energy pedalling around on toy tractors and all the family love to cuddle the small animals and of course feeding times have been a firm favourite for decades.

DSCF1386 P1140771 P1140804 SAM_1287

Streamvale Farm which is also a commercial dairy farm where you can actually watch the 300 dairy cows being milked every afternoon has been providing joy for almost 30 years

So when the time to visit arrived everyone was excited and the day seemed to go in a flash as everyone had a fabulous day out The children had many things to do from cuddling a cute little bunny to riding on the pony and even feeding some greedy goats.

The most frequently asked question was simply this ..’when are we going back again ? ‘ Thanks to everyone who helped make our day out at Springvale such a success

Graduation Day at Jolly Tots always Bring a Smile…and a few Tears !

DSCF0971 DSCF0876 DSCF0873 DSCF0832
Jolly Tots Antrim recently held a graduation ceremony which is a momentous occasion in the lives of all the children to recognise the great values of community, learning and fun that the children have learnt while at Jolly Tots. It is also a time to recognize the outstanding work of the staff here who played a part in all the children’s lives while at Jolly Tots. Just looking around, the happy smiling faces say so much about the environment at Jolly Tots Preschool – you can see how proud the children are in the photographs and the tears of joy and pride from the staff were kept to a minimum this year ! The mood is best summed up in verse form Helen Canning , Nursery Manager so have a read….
 It’s time to say good-bye
One year has come to an end
We’ve made more cherished memories
And many more new friends
We have watched the children learn and grow
And change from day to day
We hope that all the things we have done
Have helped in some small way
 So it is with happy memories
I send them out the door
With great hope and expectations
For what next year holds in store

Now That’s Enough Horsing Around at Jolly Tots Antrim

DSCF0492 DSCF0421
 Not Horsing around – I mean pony riding ! I digress…
….as part of the Media Initiative Programme within Jolly Tots we have been talking to the children about one of our Persona dolls Kathleen who is part of the Traveling community.
One of Kathleen’s favorite things to do when she’s not at Jolly Tots is caring for her horses. We were very fortunate to get a beautiful horse to the nursery for the children to see and hear all about how she is cared for. An extra special treat was there for the children in the form of a pony ride.
This was A HUGE HIT with all the children who all enjoyed the experience.
A big thank you to Joyce and her Horse Connie who was very well behaved and enjoyed her treat of apples after her many laps around the grounds of Jolly Tots.

The Results are in from The Jolly Tots 2016 Family Questionnaire….

Mags website 2 Mags website


Every year as part  of our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible care for your children we conduct the Jolly Babies annual family questionnaire.

Just thought we would like to share some of your comments with you and thanks to everyone who participated.

“Very happy with care provided – brilliant service”
Amy, Antrim

“I am very happy with the services provided updates in Jolly Babies. Our son loves all the staff and activities he has been exposed to so far”
Bev, Antrim

“Jolly Babies is Fantastic”!
Rachel, Antrim

“Staff are superb. I’m always happy leaving my son in their care.”
Ciara, Antrim

“We are extremely happy with the care given to our daughter; all of the team are amazing. Her development is amazing and we know that this has been influenced by the care she has been given. I would highly recommend Jolly Babies to anyone considering nursery. I have no complaints at all.”
Claire, Antrim

“We think Jolly Tots is a really wonderful nursery so attentive and flexible to our childs needs. Our three children have been at Jolly Tots and have all had very happy and memorable experiences”
Siobhan, Antrim

“Our daughter loves going to nursery and all the staff”
Pauline, Antrim

“Would not change a anything, excellent facilities, staff and my son loves going to nursery”
Susie, Antrim

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