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My Day at Jolly Babies… by Lucy from Antrim, Aged 2 and a little bit

Though you might like to know what I get to do all day at Jolly Babies so with a little help from my Personal Assistant Maggie here’s a normal day for me .

“After our morning routine of breakfast & snack we love nothing more than getting outside to play in the lovely weather.  The grown ups bring out our sand and water trays and we can get really messy and soaking wet but it’s a great way to cool down and we love to splash about with our friends and play on the tricycles and slide.  Then it’s tidy up time  and then we go in and get our clothes changed and a new nappy on which settles us down for a wee story before lunch and bed.  Our lunches are so yummy and are made fresh everyday by our lovely cook Honor who makes sure we have lots to eat even if we can be a wee bit fussy and maybe want to have something else.  We then lie down for a wee nap as we need to keep our strength up for all the afternoon play time.  We are very lucky to have our own prams at nursery and we go to the park, or the library or the castle grounds or sometimes we stay in nursery and play with the lego, dolls & prams, trains and blocks or make a large messy picture or cook some buns and that is to name but a few activities. It’s an exhausting and busy day but I really love going to nursery to see my friends as my mum and dad get to go out all day and see their friends at their fun place-  I think they call it work and the grown ups in their pink and purple tops really look after us and get to play with us all day.  It’s a wonderful place to learn and grow at your own pace and hanging out with kids your own age all day is great fun and I’ve made lots of new friends.   I would recommend Jolly Babies to anyone under the age of 2 ½ years.  When I move to Jolly Tots when I’m bigger I will write to you again to fill you in on what goes on there as I hear they have  a new climbing frame coming this summer and day trips to the Farm,  harder jigsaw puzzles, super hero days! It’s going to be wonderful, you should join us.”

Lucy, from Antrim aged 2 plus.