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Reasons to send your child to Day Care

At Jolly Tots Antrim we understand that it is a very tough and heart wrenching decision to decide who you would like to look after your most precious gift – your child. We know you have a wide choice of child-minders and day care to choose from so let us tell you why we believe that Jolly Tots Antrim is for you.

  • We open at 7 am in the mornings and close at 6 pm giving you time to get to and from work without rushing.
  • If a member of staff is off sick or on holidays we have staff in place to cover and therefore your childcare needs will not be affected in any way as you do not have to find an alternative.
  • You are guaranteed your child to be cared for with at least 2 staff in every room every day, therefore your mind is at rest knowing their needs are being met and that they are safe.
  • Your child’s needs are paramount to staff so our day will revolve around the children’s developmental needs regardless to what else may happening within the nursery.
  • We have a whistle blowing policy set in place for staff assuring you that we have nothing to hide and that any staff member can bring a concern to the managers or Proprietors if they disagree with the running of the establishment or a worry about a staff member.
  • All our staff are aware and fully understand our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.
  • Our management team hold the relevant ILM level 5 in Management and Child Care qualification, and 95% of staff hold a level 2 and/or 3 Child Care Qualification.
  • Activities and daily routines are set to meet the needs of your child’s development and learning.
  • We pride ourselves on accommodating for a wide range of age groups. Children are socialising with other children their own age with opportunities arising that allow then to mix with siblings or older or younger children.