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Business Strategy

Our Purpose

Jolly Tots purpose is to provide the families of Antrim and surrounding areas with high quality childcare. Families can rely on us to meet their needs and the needs of their child. We strive to achieve a home from home environment for all families.

Our Values

Jolly Tots values an expression of the way in which everyone working within the company is expected to behave. We believe parents are their childs first educator. Partnerships with parents are paramount and these are built upon at the beginning which gives parents confidence in our staffs involvement when caring for their children.


Caring is at the heart of everything we do at Jolly Tots and we are committed to making sure each individual child is cared for and their parents requirements for the child is met.

Our Health and Wellbeing strategy helps us identify and respond to the things that make our staff feel valued and cared for to. We are committed to promoting opportunities for our employees to engage in improving their personal health and well-being.


We believe that we have to trust one another as individuals and value the capabilities and contributions of each person and families that comes through our doors. We have on-going dedicated respect training to ensure this message is continually emphasised.


We conduct all aspects of our business with integrity, for example paying our suppliers within agreed time limits, doing what we say we will do and generally treating people fairly – in the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

Diversity and Inclusion

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a diverse and inclusive organisation and welcome new staff members and families from other backgrounds. Thus, enhancing the childrens learning of equality.

Our Objectives

By 2017 Jolly Tots aim to maintain and exceed the outcomes of our All Ireland Accreditation award.

We will update Policies and Procedures and continue to improve our service with the support from outside bodies such as NHSCT, Early Years Team, Health Protection Agency and Public Health Agency. Our aim is always to achieve a high standard of care.

As a private sector organisation our main business objective is to maintain viability to provide Jolly Tots and all our staff with security and to facilitate business development.

Maintaining high registration levels helps us to respond to growth opportunities as they arise. Our child to staff ratios ensures our Safeguarding and Child Protection is met and adhered to all times to protect children as well as our staff.

Our early opening times ensure parents get to work on time and our location gives excellent access to the Northern Ireland motorways system.

Our sessions enable parents to work flexible hours which meet their own employment needs.

We aim to meet and adhere to the new Minimum Standards set by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety.

Maternity leave for mothers is now longer the need for care in young babies has decreased from 1997 when our doors first opened however; this is balanced through the need for preschool care. In recent decades mothers are now increasing their work ethic to meet financial needs of the family. Through tax credits and childcare vouchers families can access assistance with their costs for childcare.

Ongoing training and development enables staff to enhance their skills therefore they can provide all areas of learning for each individual child. A great deal of planning goes into ensuring each child has a broad and balanced day full of many activities which allow them to have fun while they learn. With careful observation suitable challenges are planned that will lead to a high degree of motivation and success.

Our plan is to continually improve our high quality service to families, to promote and advertise our business locally.

Governance Structure within Jolly Tots, Antrim

Jolly Tots, is a family owned and run business.

Directors Janet Montgomery and Naomi Carey take particular responsibility for strategic planning and development. The directors have sufficient knowledge and information to enable them to make those significant decisions which can take the business forward through inevitable changes, assertively and confidently.

The Directors have the required competencies to enable them to scrutinise the activities of managers.

There is a formal but healthy, contractual relationship with the lending bank, built up over many years which provides support and allows scope for making strategic developments.

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