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Jolly Tots Antrim Paint The Town Pink in Support of Action Cancer

There was pink in abundance at Jolly Tots Antrim as  children and staff took part in supporting Action Cancer in their fundraiser Paint the Town Pink. We decided that we would all wear something Pink and help raise funds for this very worthwhile cause.

A BIG THANKS to all staff and parents for all there support to us for this day.

Busy Week at Jolly Tots Antrim with French Week and Teddy Hospital

The children and staff have had an exceptionally busy week to date here in Jolly Tots Antrim.

On Wednesday we had a French Day filled with some yummy treats and then on Thursday we had a Teddy Hospital when Heather came to help the children care for their Teddies and dress any broken paws that were seen in the x-ray machine.

Two fun packed days enjoyed by all. A BIG THANKS to Heather and everyone involved in making both days such a success and fun packed for the children.

A Trip to the Zoo Packed Full of Fun Signals the End of Summer at Jolly Tots Antrim

Belfast Zoo one of Northern Ireland’s top attractions which opened in 1934 receives more than 300,000 visitors a year and is home to over 1,000 animals and more than 150 species.
Recently  Jolly Tots attended Belfast Zoo as part of a day trip and all the children had a great day with plenty to see including Barbary Lions, Red kangaroos, Spider Monkeys, Moloch Gibbons, Rothchild’s Giraffes, Asian Elephants and Malayan Sun Bears.

Helen Canning, Nursery Manager at Jolly Tots Antrim commented:

The children and staff had a really lovely day and despite rumours to the contrary we had no offers from the zoo to keep any of our own favourite  “Cheeky Little Monkeys”.  Whilst the weather was disappointing as it rained it didn’t dampen our spirits and the children had a thoroughly enjoyable day out. There was a lot of snoring on the bus home and not from any of the staff I hasten to add – perhaps the sweetest sound you can ever hear from the children after a day out!

For more information contact Helen Canning, Nursery Manager on 028 9442 8111 or email

Jolly Babies Children Learning Through Play with all the Fun That Goes with It

At Jolly Babies, not only do the children have fun by getting involved in activities and making friends, but they also learn so much and develop key skills.   We help your child to develop through different areas of stimulation and ‘learning through play’ – giving them plenty of praise and encouragement in the process.
Maggie McGinley, Jolly Babies Manager at Jolly Tots Antrim, commented;
“Our children here at the nursery just love to play and explore all the exciting things that everyday has to offer with something new.  It feeds their curiosity and we love to see their happy smiling faces as they learn through play”

Jolly Tots Antrim Celebrate their 20th Birthday with a party and all the Fun of Pre School Graduation

It was time to celebrate as Jolly Tots Antrim marked the occasion of their 20th Birthday with a party that coincided with the pre school graduation. At the birthday party staff and children enjoyed fancy dress, a barbeque, face painting, Mantala Zoo and a bouncy castle.

Some weird and wonderful creatures were on display at the party –  obviously I mean the staff in fancy dress not the animals who brought a smile to all the children’s faces !

The pre school graduation ceremony also brought many a smile as it  is a momentous occasion in the lives of all the children to recognise the great values of community, learning and fun that the children have learnt while at Jolly Tots. It is also a time to recognize the outstanding work of the staff here who played a part in all the children’s lives while at Jolly Tots.

Just looking around, the happy smiling faces say so much about the environment at Jolly Tots Preschool – you can see how proud the children are in the photographs and the tears of joy and pride from the staff were kept to a minimum this year !

Jolly Tots Children Enjoy Fun Filled Day Out at Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

The Pre school children of Jolly Tots had a Fantastic day out at the Transport Museum and they also enjoyed the Folk Museum too.

The children enjoyed climbing on and off the steam trains and experiencing all the other sensational types of Transport from horse drawn carriages, electric trams, motorbikes, fire-engines and vintage cars and much much more.

The children also had the pleasure of watching a lady baking some delicious soda bread in one of the little houses, which we all got to sample. This was a fantastic learning experience for the children and the questions we were asked was just proof of how much they were actually taking in.
A BIG THANKS to everyone involved in making it such a great day out !

My Day at Jolly Babies… by Lucy from Antrim, Aged 2 and a little bit

Though you might like to know what I get to do all day at Jolly Babies so with a little help from my Personal Assistant Maggie here’s a normal day for me .

“After our morning routine of breakfast & snack we love nothing more than getting outside to play in the lovely weather.  The grown ups bring out our sand and water trays and we can get really messy and soaking wet but it’s a great way to cool down and we love to splash about with our friends and play on the tricycles and slide.  Then it’s tidy up time  and then we go in and get our clothes changed and a new nappy on which settles us down for a wee story before lunch and bed.  Our lunches are so yummy and are made fresh everyday by our lovely cook Honor who makes sure we have lots to eat even if we can be a wee bit fussy and maybe want to have something else.  We then lie down for a wee nap as we need to keep our strength up for all the afternoon play time.  We are very lucky to have our own prams at nursery and we go to the park, or the library or the castle grounds or sometimes we stay in nursery and play with the lego, dolls & prams, trains and blocks or make a large messy picture or cook some buns and that is to name but a few activities. It’s an exhausting and busy day but I really love going to nursery to see my friends as my mum and dad get to go out all day and see their friends at their fun place-  I think they call it work and the grown ups in their pink and purple tops really look after us and get to play with us all day.  It’s a wonderful place to learn and grow at your own pace and hanging out with kids your own age all day is great fun and I’ve made lots of new friends.   I would recommend Jolly Babies to anyone under the age of 2 ½ years.  When I move to Jolly Tots when I’m bigger I will write to you again to fill you in on what goes on there as I hear they have  a new climbing frame coming this summer and day trips to the Farm,  harder jigsaw puzzles, super hero days! It’s going to be wonderful, you should join us.”

Lucy, from Antrim aged 2 plus.

Congratulations to Charlotte from Jolly Tots Antrim on Completing Early Years Positive Behaviour Management Course

A BIG WELL DONE YOU to Jolly Kids staff member Charlotte Clarke  for completing her course on Early Years Positive Behaviour Management, with the Childcare Partnership Organisation.

All our staff have an understanding that children unwrap themselves at different times and all need care, support and encouragement. We aim to give this everyday and assist those children who may need a bit of extra help along the way.

The Feedback is in from our Annual Parents Questionnaire …here’s a selection of the comments from parents of Jolly Tots Antrim

The Feedback is in from our Annual Parents Questionnaire …have a look here at a selection and do not hesitate to get in touch for more information. So it’s a BIG THANKS  to all the staff of Jolly Babies who do a fabulous job everyday.

“Staff really listen to how my son has been and are extremely caring.  Very good variety of activities provided.  He always smiling and that’s makes us happy”

Hollie, Antrim

“It’s unfortunate that in recent times there’s been a significant turnover of staff especially in my sons room but I have always been confident that the standard and quality of care has not diminished.  Maggie is always and has been an excellent manager keeping us parents informed and pitching in whenever necessary.”

Ciara, Antrim

“I am extremely happy with the service that Jolly Babies provides.  The staff are amazing and take such good care of my son.  He goes into Jolly Babies a very happy little boy and comes out even happier.  Thank you so much to all the staff for doing an amazing job.”

Joanna, Antrim

Jolly Tots have a Sponsored Muddy Puddle Walk for ‘Save the Children’

There is never a dull moment at Jolly Tots Antrim and this month was no different as they held a Sponsored Muddy Puddle Walk for “Save the Children”

Helen Canning Nursery Manager said: “I was thrilled that the children of Jolly Tots took part in our very own Muddy Puddle Walk!
Although the sun was shining and not a puddle in sight it didn’t stop Peppa Pig and her little brother George coming to the nursery to see the children, before we headed off to the castle grounds for a great big walk.
And by having this walk we helped to raise money for Save the Children – they will help the world’s most vulnerable children to have a brighter future.
By raising money for Save the Children, Jolly Tots will help support their work to give every last child the chance to learn, play and grow up healthy and happy. Millions of children around the world are missing out on this – just because of where they’re born.
By taking part in the Muddy Puddle Walk, children from Jolly Tots also continued to discover how much fun it is to explore the world around them.
I want to take this opportunity to thank those parents who came along either to send us off on our way or join us for the walk. Your support was very much appreciated. “


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